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Electronic material recycling | emerging | sunshine industry for environmental protection enterprises.

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With the increasing depletion of nonferrous metal resources in China and the world, people are focusing on the non-ferrous metal recycling resources. E-waste contains a large number of copper and aluminum, lead and zinc and other non-ferrous metals and precious metals such as gold and silver. Electronic waste is known as "city mine", and its development cost is far lower than mine primary resources. The energy needed for development is far less than mine primary resources, and it is the sunshine industry of nonferrous metal industry.

In 2005, the total output of non-ferrous metal recycling in China has reached 14 million 140 thousand T, accounting for 26% of the total production of non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals commonly used in China for the recovery of T is expected in 2020 will reach 2 million, total yield, regeneration of non-ferrous metals will reach 40% of the total output of nonferrous metals in. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch hundreds of recycling enterprises are using electronic waste resources, but most have no scientific and reasonable and efficient recycling technology, resulting in resource utilization is not high and the serious environmental pollution situation. Therefore, government attention, research institutions and the active participation of the whole society, for the healthy development of Chinese nonferrous metal industry, nonferrous metal to solve the shortage of resources and environmental pollution in China, practical and historical significance.

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